Sunday, August 24, 2014

Birch Color Weave Socks

I am trying to catch up on blogging my projects and getting all the details posted on Ravelry.

This is something I completely suck at, but I'm trying...

I finished these Mad Color Weave socks last November. I know I bought the yarn that the Wisconsin Craft Market. They have a large selection of Three Irish Girls yarns.

This is the Winter Birch colorway. I grew up with a birch tree in the back yard and these colors represent it perfectly.


I like the extra purl stitch on the inside part of the sock...

But not so much on the outside.

I modified the toe to my own preference.

I love how the stitch pattern mixes up the colors. I didn't want socks that pooled little brown blobs.

I need a little help, though. The Adorn sock yarn from TIG gets a little fuzzy after a few wears & washes. Any advice on how to 'clean' the fuzz?



Baby Rowh Blanket

My apologies for my lack of blog entries. The last 6 weeks have been crazy, busy, stressful, exciting, fun, and exhausting. I feel like I am finally coming back to life.

I finished the baby blanket for my great nephew coming in November. He is due to arrive on Black Friday.

I am hosting M's shower on October 5th and am soooo relieved this project is complete.

I am the queen of giving someone a box filled with an incomplete item.

I am so very proud of this blanket.

Usually with larger projects like this I have several mistakes to hide or fix once complete.

I can boast that this blanket does not have one stitch of error. Squee!

I soaked it, even though I know I didn't need to. Hopefully Mommy can just throw it in the washer and dryer.

It measures 28" X 47" when blocked, so will be great for the stroller or just every day snuggling. 

Deep down inside I hope this will be the blanket he carries with him for years, slowly shredding it down to threads with daily love.