Saturday, April 13, 2013

Two Little Things

I made a quick pair of baby booties for my cousin Jenny's new baby daughter, Sydney.

They were super easy, and took less than an hour to make. Syd's Mom Jenny loved them.

In my Mom's UnderTheBed (hidden?) storage bin I found a skein of Dream in Color laceweight yarn (Sour Pear colorway). In the same bag was the pattern she must have received with it, Flyaway vest.

Truth: I started the vest and hated it, so I changed it a little, and I still hated it. So I frogged it.

This is a photo of what I had started.

I didn't like that the edge was a P3K1 rib and that the purl side faces out. I'm a KNITTER because I like the way KNIT stitches look. I'm not a PURLER. Purl stitches on the outside of a project is not my favorite.

I will keep looking for something to make with this yarn. The color is unexpected, but fantastic.

Later Knitters!


Hawaiin Twist Socks

I mentioned these Hawaiian Twist Socks in a previous blog entry. Dee bought me the yarn at her Madison Knitters Guild meeting after listening to Sharon of Three Irish Girls speak. She thought the colors were right up my alley. Oh, girl. You were SO right.

I started the socks the same day she gave it to me. I had fallen in love.

As you can see in my Ravelry project I worked on them at home, in the car, on my lunch hour at work (which is never really an HOUR), etc.

They are my new favorite socks to wear. They fit perfectly, and I love them.

I'm not big on hand knit socks that match perfectly. I prefer them to be a little different. It keeps people intrigued when I wear them in public. They ask.."where did you buy those?". (After I am finished being completely satisfied with myself) I politely answer,"I knit them." Most people are shocked.

My most favorite part of these socks is the faux cable cuff, uber girly and super pretty.

Later Knitters!


Decision Made!

In my previous post I was indecisive...

This is not like me. I normally have NO time for people who can't make decisions.

After some deep thought, and little math, I decided to finish a WIDER cowl with the yarn I had left and forego the idea of matching mitts.

I've blocked and worn this a couple times and am very, very happy with it.The Madelinetosh Pashmina Worsted is an absolute dream to knit with thus, this flew off the needles once I decided to finish it. I actually weighed the yarn, in grams, after each row, so I could maximize the yardage.

I had less than ONE. YARD. LEFT. It was freaking awesome. Yes, I did a Happy Dance once I made it to the end.

I wrap it around twice and it sits on my upper chest just like I wanted it. I am not yet proficient with taking pictures of myself with my phone (blech). Truth: I'm not very photogenic and this photo proves it. BUT, I love the cowl and how the high-end yarn drapes. This pattern was a great choice.

More to come soon! I have several FO's to talk about and have several WIP's to share.

Later Knitters!