Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Babies & Blankies

We joined several of the M's last night for my MIL's Birthday. A couple cocktails & burgers at the local Legion Post. Relaxed, open, honest talk, I love this family to pieces.

This baby blanket is for my niece M. She has two older girls, and is pregnant with baby #3 with her new husband. The whole family is so very excited, all 52 of us (no exaggeration).

She is showing already and very self concious. Hard to convince her she is gorgeous, and glows with excitment.

What do you do when you are 120 miles from home, and find yourself without stitch markers? Why, use your pen cap, of course. I didn't have to tink back very far to fix this. Thank goodness. Oh, and Thank You God for Sharpies.

I am on the 3rd (of 5) repeat of the 3rd texture pattern. Loving this yarn so much! I believe all the details are in my post from last week. (yarn, pattern, link, etc.)

I took Monday off to take my son, LittleC, to an out of town Jr. PGA Event. I walked the course behind him taking stats as instructed by Big Daddy. This hole was closed & roped off. The ducks loved it, the grounds crew...?...not so much.

My feet and all my clothing were soaking wet from the humidity and heavy dew. Gross. Lots of water on the course.

Well worth the trip as he tied for 1st place and qualified to golf in an end-of-season tournament.

Gosh I love this boy. (He's thrilled, can you tell?) I had to take this picture several times because he had me laughing so hard my hands kept shaking while taking the picture. Not sure how he can keep a straight face like that. Must be something he inherited from Big Daddy.

We had fun on our little road trip. He is so easy to talk to with vast knowledge and vocabulary. Fun kid, no doubt.

Looking forward to updates on everyone's projects today!

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Enamoured by this Opal sock yarn, I haven't worked on anything else for a few days.

Addi turbos = speedy socks.

I didn't do anything special at the beginning of the sock to make this happen. I'm not that smart.

I tinked back the toe three times, so it was just right.

I always look so forward to what other knitters have on the needles.

Joining Ginny & Tami on this Happy Hump Day!



Saturday, June 14, 2014


I've kept working toward my Finish Four commitment. I went down to the basement and pulled out several projects, none of which appealed to me in any way.

1. Finished: Ice Cream Bias Loop

I seamed up this Mohair Bias Loop, in the Ice Cream colorway. This kit was a Christmas gift from my Mom several years ago.

I remember enjoying this project at the time, but not having enough knitting experience to graft/kitchner the wrap closed.

After knitting a few rows to finish up the loop's length, it came to me, the reason I put it away? ...Mohair fuzz everywhere.

My attempt to graft these 70 stitches together was a test in patience. I lost.

Knowing full well I would not wear this over the shoulder, I decided to go with the 3 needle bind off. While I'm not thrilled with how it turned out, it has gorgeous drape and I've figured out a couple different ways to wear it without having to look a the huge scar of a seam running through it.

Lesson learned. Mohair is not for me. While beautiful and fun to knit with, I'm not a fan of fibers that shed.

2. Frogged: Cherry Tree Hill....something

I had started a wavy, lacy shawl with these 2 fun skeins of Cheery Tree Hill yarn.

The colors inspire me to paint my nails, but knot knit with it just yet.

I frogged the lacy project and will most likely stick to socks with this yarn. Too much color movement for anything else.

3. Started: Baby Blanket

The M Family is expecting its 6th great chrandchild in November. I'm pretty sure our niece M doesn't follow my knitting blog so its safe to post her baby's gift here.

I've wanted to knit something in pima cotton for a while. This Cascade Ultra Pima was on sale, free shipping, and I had a VISA gift card to burn.

It is a dream to knit with. Smooth, fine, and even stitches. I just love it.

I don't often knit with solid colors. This DROPS pattern appealed to me because of all the texture. I think it will look great and Mama M will love it for her new addition.

I have NEVER been able to follow and knit a project from a DROPS pattern. They are vague, without traditional instruction, and require a slow, thorough read & re-write in order for my brain to understand. I found this Raveler's version, and decided to follow her lead. Thanks Michelle for doing the work for the rest of us!

My new Chiaogoo Stainless Steel RED Circulars....Mmmm...needle love. And half the price on Amazon than at the LYS. Amazon Prime is a wonderful thing.

The baby is due in November so I have plenty of time to work on this in between my stash busting goals and Opal sock yarn obsession.

4. Started: Speaking of Opal sock yarn

I've reached the heel flap of my first Opal sock. SO FUN!

 These little checkered sections are such a fun surprise.

Big Saturday update for me. I hope you enjoyed it.



Friday, June 13, 2014


My cousin P has been asking his wife for hand knit socks for some time.

I bought this Three Irish Girls yarn quite a while ago. It is The Giving Tree colorway inspired by the masot & colors of Sandy Hook Elementary. I love how people come together to support a community in such horrible pain. P is a LOVER of all things children: kids, books, games, Legos, etc. Some men were born to be great Dads and P is one of them. He works in Pediatric Cancer Research and I know he will love these socks and what they represent.

The pattern is Business Casual by Tanis Lavallee. I love, love, love, her simple, classic patterns.

I knit three pattern repeats on the leg, and four repeats on the foot.

I like how the socks definitely look masculine, without looking like camo. I hate am not a fan of camo.

P's wife texted me this photo. He put them on immediately after opening his gift yesterday. Looks pretty hot, eh? Gotta love those T-Wolves shorts.

I love him so much. Happy Birthday P!

We are in Graduation Party Central mode. Two tonight, & three tomorrow. My "Thanksgiving pants" may have to come out sooner than later.

Have a fantastic weekend Knitters!



Wednesday, June 11, 2014

I just coudn't take it any more

I have been in a Finish Four pattern.

Finish Four already started knitting projects BEFORE starting a new one. Sheesh, what was I thinking?

I've finished 12 projects in the last 6-7 weeks and have finally found myself WITHOUT A PAIR OF SOCKS ON THE NEEDLES! The Horror...

My recent interest obsession with Opal sock yarn has left me with six, okay seven, skeins of crazy sock yarn on hand.

I started these socks last night and am Pee Your Pants excited to work on them. As you can see, I ate my lunch in my car this afternoon while on my daily bank run. I snuck in a few rows before I drove back to work.

A simple 64 stitch sock on US Size 1 circulars. I love, love, love them.

I also have had these two characters under foot for a few days.
BigC had a few days off from her summer job and decided to come home for a few days. She brought Madison home with her too! He quickly found the rhythm of our home relaxing and wriggled his way into our routine.

I was able to take the day off yesterday to spend with BigC, and we had a fantastic day together. I think at this point our kids simply need our time. Every moment with her is so very important to me. She is turning out to be a spectacular human being.

Since she was home for a visit, and there was fresh rhubarb to pick, BigDaddy made us a treat. Warm strawberry rhubarb cake awaits...

This is what we look like waiting for the cake to cool off long enough to get a square out of the pan. We've been together for 26 years and have oodles of patience with each patience for the first bite of that cake? None. We were salivating.

I'm late today, but will link up with Jinny & Tami as usual.



Wednesday, June 4, 2014

WIP Wednesday: Undecided

I am a decisive individual.

I don't hem & haw about much, even big decisions.

I am rarely wishy-washy.

That rare moment is now. Ugh.

I cast on a cowl with a squishy skein of Mushishi last fall. I must have put it away because I wan't thrilled with it.

I'm still not.

Love the pattern, but the ribbing was too loose for my liking.

This version was sfrogged.  (notice I cropped out my chubby white legs, as promised)

I cast on a scarf with it next.


I'm still deciding if I like it or not. I like scarves that I can double wrap around my neck and this yarn will itch even with the silk blended in.

I could finish the scarf and give it away as a gift, add it to the Dice Game at Christmas, but when you buy ONE skein of yarn for $40...I'd really perfer to have this for meyself.

Stay tuned.

I think I have to break down and BUY the pattern I'm leaning toward.

Happy Humpday knitters! Joining with Ginny and Tami for WIP Wednesday.