Thursday, July 30, 2015

What I did on my Summer Vacation

Warning: Photo Heavy Post Ahead!

What did I do on our family vacation?...nothing really. But that's the idea. Our lives are crazy-busy and we take this week, as a family, every July, to unplug and share some time with each other.

The trip Up North was a quick one with these two in the car. They are a very entertaining duo. Lots of singing (loudly!) was involved. Thanks goodness for Sirius XM Radio!

This is where I drank my coffee every morning.

Do I LOOK relaxed? Yikes. No makeup, no hair, Rosacea flaring...

(posting this photo was a BIG step for me)

My Baby Girl loves to fish.

She take s pretty cool pictures too.

Gotta kiss the first fish.

Then just kick back and keep an eye on your bobber.

Big Daddy's favorite pictures are the ones she takes while the boat is moving.

We got tons of sun each day. (She is the tan one, I'm the chubby white legged one at the end of the dock. And yes, I am knitting.)

Big Daddy's Budha made a few appearances on the hotter days.

My idea of a Family Night Out.

Sibs in the boat.

Pasty White Boy got burned his first day at the lake.

Storms rolling in.

She tied her own fly!

Daddy and his Girl.

She learned how to clean her own fish.

My babies, one light, one dark. Gene pools are funny that way.

Big boys on a Night Fishing Mission. They didn't catch a thing. But oh, the stories of what happens when you fish in the dark!

Our fish count for the week. We didn't keep them all, that would not be very eco-concious. We only kept what we knew we would eat.

New screensaver photo.

Relaxed girlies.

Look! No stress!

The Golden Child went bass fishing.




I finished these for my Favorite Five Year Old.

And knit these for myself.

I love how the gussetts pooled.

Started these on the drive home.

This is what was waiting for me at work :/


I also have this waiting for me at home. Little bit of yarn...and tons of dye.

Look for a Willow Pond Dyeworks store update at some point next week. I plan to dye on Sunday. Its been VERY humid in the midwest of late, so not sure how quickly I will get everything dried, photographed, reskeined, re-photographed, and listed, Whew!

I'm VERY excited to be featured in Maine Knitting Cruise's 52 Skeins in the coming weeks. Keep you eyes peeled, and make sure you enter to win free yarn on their Facebook page!

My partner in crime opened a Facebook page for Willow Pond Dyeworks also. Please visit and let me know what you think. (Be honest. I can take it...I think.)

Linking to the Yarn Along pretty late this week.

Later Friends!


Thursday, July 16, 2015

Yarn Budget?

Yarn Budget?

What on Earth is a Yarn Budget?

That's just silly talk.



Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Look, socks!

Just a quick update, as I am blogging from work this morning.

I took a few pics out on the deck last night. It has been opressively hot and humid here for the past 10 days or so. Not too much time is spent outside. Gross.

Plain stockinette stitch sock in a Socks That Rock mill end I bought last year.

The colors in the photo don't show the contrast in the skein. The rust is drab, and the pink really pops. These are fun.

My new favorite little ditty bag was a Mothers Day gift from my daughter.

My Favorite Five Year Old will has a tonsilectomy schedlued for next month. The surgical prep list states to bring a pair of warm socks. He has requested hand knit ones (love this kid!). His mother and I have both obliged.

48 stitches on size 1 needles in a Regia Ombre I found online a couple months ago. I'm tempted to look for another few skeins in this colorway. I'd like a pair for myself, because a girl can never have too many socks!

The funky geraniums I planted this spring finally took off. I love, love, love the colors!

That's all for now, quick and dirty. Hope you all have a fantastic Wednesday!

Joining with Ginny this morning.