Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Purple Bulky Mitts

The Spring Bug is still with me. I need it to be warm...er.

Our MN weather can't make up its mind. 35 degrees on day, 65 the next, then back down to 40...


A few weeks ago I took some time to test out some new (to me) yarn bases.

The blend of colors when speckling and smooshing is SO rewarding! 

You never really know what is going to happen in the steamer. Its like MAGIC.

The skeins were pretty small, only 75yds, so I didn't want to risk an unfinished hat.

These knit up in about an hour a piece on size 8 DPNs. 

The creamy vanilla color pooled in one palm,

and the dark purple pooled in the other.

I've worn them a couple times at work to keep my hands warm while typing. The warmth factor is unmatched. The mitts are thick, but flexible and forgiving.

The 1Ply base blooms and I can tell they will shed and pill quite a bit, but there were no separations in either skein and it absorbed the dye easily.

I will keep it on my 'maybe' list for adding to the shop later in the year. I don't anticipate selling much bulky weight yarn this time of year.

Let me know what you think. I don't knit many things with bulky yarn so I'm interested in everyone's opinion. Should I look for longer base skeins? What yardage is preferred? What do bulky-yarn-knitters look for? Dark colors, muted, brights, etc?

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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Spring Hats

Happy Tuesday everyone! 

We've enjoyed a few warm days here in the Midwest, but it was short lived. This week brings cooler temps and lots of rain. A Negative Nancy by nature, I do my best to stay positive and remind myself of how GREEN things will become very soon! 

I have a couple cute little Spring hats to share with you. 

Close up pictures of other knitters' work are my favorite (macro ?). The green needles are Knit Picks Caspian Interchangeables. My new favorite needles. The transitions are smooth and the cables are soft, flexible, and forgiving.

The yarn is Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light held double on size US6 circular needles.

This is the first time I've knit a hat on a circular needle magic loop style.

Soooo much easier! 

I had plenty of yarn left to make a loose pom pom for each hat. The loose, informality of it feels very sweet & old fashioned.

I am very fair skinned so the yellow hat washes me out.

The pink one I LOVE. I knit it a little shorter than the yellow one so it fits more like a beanie.

If you've followed my blog you know I've been burnt by 1-Ply yarns. This time I had a very different experience These skeins of Tosh Merino Light were a pleasure to knit with, no knots or joins, and just enough twist to it to keep it together.

These were a gift, but I definitely won't hesitate to buy more in the future.

Lovely, just lovely.

I look forward to our weekly link-up updates. I actually have time tomorrow to peruse through everyone's projects! Yay me!

Ginny's Yarn Along & Nicole's KCCO, ready or not, here I come!



Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Girly Socks

It was 60+ degrees here in MN today! Sooooo nice to be outside!

I have a bug to knit Spring-y colored things. Bad.

The first of these Murano Socks is finished. 

This is Hedgehog Fibers Sock in the Holly Jolly colorway.

In the pre-Thanksgiving shipment from my Mom there was also two skeins of one-ply fingering.

With the first skein (Madelintosh Merino Light) I started a hat on US6 circular needles, magic loop style, pulling from both ends of the skein.

I'm keeping it in this adorable vintage fabric Spud & Chloe bag.

The fabric is just lovely. It reminds me of my Grandmother's hand made pillow cases. I'm not thrilled with the string tie though. Thinking I will replace it with some ribbon. I think even my well-loved measuring tape would be cute. 

I'm loving how the hat is coming out. It will be great for Spring evening walks.

Reading: Yay! As a Kindle owner, I seldom read a book with ACTUAL PAGES! What a treat!

Pacing myself through the stories of Clara Parkes's, Knitlandia was a good idea. Now that my son has started spring golf practice I have a little alone time at home after work each day. I treat myself to ONE story & some peace before my husband comes home and we start making supper. 

Linking up with Nicole's KCCO & Ginny's Yarn Along this week. I can't wai to see what y'all have goin' on!




Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Lightening Speed

This skein of self-striping goodness from SSYC was yet another gift from my Mom.

At first I wasn't too excited about the color combo as it had been re-skeined, so I knit a few other things from the shipment first.

This is Poste Yarn from SSYC in the Ghost Town colorway.

Once this yarn was on the needles I coun't knit them fast enough.

You know, when you have a little contest with yourself inside your head; "Just one more stripe and I'll start the laundry."

Yep. That's me.

I knit them OAAT but still managed to get the striping pretty darn close.

That same gifted-shipment from my Mom contained this skein of Hedgehog Sock in the Holly Jolly colorway.

The temps jumped to over 50 degF last weekend in the Twin Cities and I needed a little Spring pick-me-up.

The twisted rib cuff is very, very pretty. Just not sure I like how they look on my leg :/ I'm not a fan of purl stitches on the right side of my projects. Plus, The color washes me out.

And, yes again, my reading glasses. I need them for almost everything 'up close' right now. Perhaps its time for a visit to the eye doctor.

As Wedensday approaches, I once again look so forward to what everyone has going on!

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