Sunday, March 17, 2013

Decisions Decisions...

I fell in love with and bought two skeins of this Madelinetosh Pashmina Worsted in the Mansfield Garden Party colorway at my LYS last December. The bright shots of pink & gold, and subtle transitions of lavender, blue and sage was something I just could not resist.

This yarn screamed Spring Cowl to me. I hemmed and hawed, printed and swatched, over and over again. I finally settled on this Tiny Flowers Cowl. Funky stitches like this Risotto Stitch blend all of the colors into a calm, non-stripey product. Several projects I started looked like clown barf where some colors pooled while others striped. Not. Cool.

Now the decision making part: I bought TWO skeins, remember?

I have used slightly more than half the yarn. I added the second skein about three rounds ago. Should I stop here, add the edging and pray I have enough for a pair of fingerless mitts to match? Or, do I continue in pattern and make the cowl much wider?

 I slipped all the stitches onto waste yarn and tried it on. I LOVE IT. And decided to continue in pattern for the wider cowl. Oh my gosh I love this cowl.

I have another project close to completion that I plan to finish first, but will hopefully get back to this today. We have more snow coming here in bright, sun-shiney MN so I should have some time on my hands before shoveling later today.

Later Knitters!


Sunday, March 10, 2013

Family Day Sunday

Today's Family Plans didn't exactly pan out, but I'm trying to get over it.

We had planned on all 4 of us going to see a movie together yesterday (Wizard of OZ remake, my uber fave!), but a trip into work for Victor and some time at the driving range for Cruz made our movie time frame too narrow. Today was going great until I read some comments on one of my daughter's FB posts. She is all about giving all the parenting credit to her Dad, and leaves me standing there with an empty heart, as if I have no part in her life. Without going into the details, lets just say I'm the Bad Cop Parent, and my husband gets to be the Good Cop Parent. Those of you with older teens or adult children will understand where she and I "are at" in our relationship. Regardless, it makes me feel like crap, she knows it, and will ruthlessly use it against me at every turn because she knows it hurts. Gotta love 18 year old girls...

Moving on!

I finished a Baby Chalice Blanket as a favor for a friend. She has many, many friends with babies on the way, so I thought I would offer to help. I love knitting with cotton, and as a Mom, washing (and bleaching) a cotton item is so very convenient. I enjoyed making this project very much.

My Hawaiian Twist socks have been calling me, so I picked them up again last night after I laid out the blanket to dry. I finished the leg last night, and worked the heel flap and heel this morning. They're absolutely yummy and I can't wait until I can wear them!

I fully understand how self-striping yarn works and that this sock would be best knit with an afterthought heel so that the striping looks "right".

I hate that about hand knit socks.

I like to see what the yarn does. That's art, "Perfect" socks can be duplicated, and I'm not interested in that.

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Later Knitters!