Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Experiment: Sock Blank

I've been fascinated by sock blanks for some time now. Especially how the dye pattern affects the behavior of the color in socks.

During my dye weekend earlier this month I dyed a blank for myself and used this drab, straw yellow color that I've completely fell in love with.

 I started these socks last night and am quite enamored with them. We'll see how the stipes pan out. << fingers crossed>> The color blends/changes are just lovely.

I also finished these yesterday.

I was trapped in my upstairs bedroom while this was going on. The carpet in our house is 13 years old and was grossing me out.

I THINK the yarn is Fresh From the Cauldron.

I DO know I bought it at StevenBe last Summer.

Its a 60st sock on size 1 US needles. I wanted the yellow to pop, so decided to purl those stitches. I think they look pretty cool!

I'm also thinking I need to go back to taking my blog photos with my camera instead of my phone. Merp.

Linking up with Nicole tonight and Ginny in the morning. I so look forward to everyone's weekly updates and FO's!



Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Mood Lighting

Okay, well maybe just mood-y lighting. I prefer to take my project photos outside, but as it has been raining forever all day, that is just not possible.

My Sister in Law, Pam, is anticipating a new granddaughter next month. An avid photographer, she was looking to get her hands on some props for her new arrival's super-girly photo shoot.

She showed me several ideas she fell in love with on Pintrest, and I found the patterns on Ravelry.

I crocheted a couple different size cocoons for her before she left town in June. I didn't get the opportunity to take photos of these before she left with them, but they are both so snuggly and sweet!

I found this yarn before I picked out the pattern. Pattons Kroy Socks in Spring Meadow, on size 4 needles, in Autumn Forest Gnome Hat. Easy peasy! I finished this while watching the PGA Championship with Big Daddy last Sunday.

There's more blue than I anticipated, but enough color contrast that if she takes black & white shots, the stripes will still be visible.

The mermaid tail was soo much fun! I usually don't knit with synthetic yarns (Red Heart sport weight), but when you plan to put a baby in it...maybe without a diaper...well lets just say this can go in the washing machine repeatedly.

Rows and rows of scales work up so quickly, too cool!

 I'm pretty sure this one is my favorite. A Princess Headband. Squee!

This one was a bit of a challenge. The pattern isn't fussy, but its written for so many sizes I had to lock myself in the bathroom with the pattern to figure out what I was doing.

I look forward to sharing Pam's photos with you once the baby comes!

Thanks so much for your compliments and encouraging words regarding my most recent dye batch. You are all so very kind and your input is so important. Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!

Willow Pond Dyeworks will be featured on the Maine Knitting Cruises 52 Skeins giveaway in the coming weeks. I'm very excited and honored to be an Indie Dyer contributor.

Looking forward to everyone's progress this week. Joining Ginny  & Nicole once again!



Thursday, August 13, 2015

Better than I thought!

I get excited to wind every new skein I buy, each time I walk in the door with it.

The feeling I get when I've dyed it myself? Yowza!

The lighting is a little orange at night in my dining room, but I couldn't resist taking some updated shots of my own hand dyed sock yarn.

The base yarn is smooth, consistent, and takes the dye so well! I'm very pleased with the whole batch.

Pair it with a couple of my favorite stitch markers made by my partner in crime.

  I knit each row with excitement, not knowing what the color changes will bring.

Took a few minutes two hours to catch up on a couple video blogs. Sounds like SSK 2015 was a blast.


Shared a bag of these with my son. They're not fantastic, but different!
Happy Friday! Hope your weekend brings some knitting!



Wednesday, August 12, 2015

My very own

I've been dying quite a bit lately and have replenished my Etsy store.

I fell in love with every skein.

All for different reasons.

Sometimes I'm in a SOLID mood, sometimes TONAL, sometimes WILD.

It was hard to name some, others were easy.

I kept a couple skeins for myself, and started a pair of socks while out on the deck last night.

My new Gnome Acres bag, with a litle Kinky & Sprite. A girl needs to sit for a while after all that dying.

Loving how the pink, green, and blues POP off the deep purple and dark grey. I kep this skein because there was a white spot in the purple, but once knit up you can't even see it!

Hot & Humid again here in the Twin Cities today. Stay cool friends!

Joining Ginny and Nicole today.