Sunday, February 24, 2013

Crisp Sunday Wake-UP

I woke this morning to one of the most beautiful things Minnesota weather can provide: Hoarfrost.

I took the picture of the cardinal from inside the house because the crab tree is so close to the front door. He would have bailed.

We spent all day yesterday at my son's wrestling tournament. He took 4th place in his 120lb weight class. He did not advance to the State Wrestling tournament, but as a freshman I think he learned a lot and will be much more prepared next year.

As my kids get older I constantly find myself stepping back and looking at my kids from "outside" my role as their Mom. This is much easier to do when my kids are with other kids in a public/social setting. What I appreciate most about my two children is that they are not afraid or embarrased to acknowlege the love their Grandma, Aunts and Uncles have for them in a public place. Hugs and kisses are the norm and they EAT. IT. UP.

This is my son after receiving his 4th place medal yesterday. He walked straight over and shared his reward with his Dad. Love them!

And a snap of our boy on the podium.

I will post more knitting stuff later today! I knit a lot while at the tournament!

Later Knitters!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Bright Spot.

Today is a beautifully snowy Friday.

I, however, had to drive 34 miles to work in it. Totally CRAPTASTIC.

The bright spot of my day is that I get to go home to this, my order from Three Irish girls. I ordered two skeins of each color from the Knitters for Newtown benefit offer. I think in the works are hats for the men in my life and socks for the ladies.

My heart started to pound...

Then skipped a beat...

Once I got a peek I GIGGLED.

Love the sweet & simple shamrock stamp!

And then this: yummy, yummy, yummy.

I can't wait to get home tonight and get it all wound into balls.

I won't start anything for a week or so. I promised Dee I would help with a baby gift. Dee is at THAT age, where everyone in her life is either pregnant or has a new baby. I offered to help by knitting a Chalice Blanket for her, because committing to knitting 23 rows per day for the next 6 weeks is just too much pressure and takes all the fun out of knitting something special for a friend.

This is how far I knit yesterday as I waited for my hair appointment. I am using Bernat Handicrafter Cotton in Hot Green. Very fun for someone who hasn't had a baby in 15 years!

Big weekend of wrestling for my son tomorrow. Good luck to you, young fella. I sure Love you a lot.

Later Knitters!


Tuesday, February 19, 2013


A couple things happened this weekend that made me laugh.

#1: My friend...the DOCTOR...that has a PHD, did this:

Good thing it was a home made stitch marker. She had to cut it off the sock and redo the wire and crimp beads. Silly girl. I love her MORE because she does things like this.

#2 was me. My daughter called these 'ghetto stitch markers'. I started her Calorimetry headband in the car and found myself with two open cans of pop, but no stitch markers. I was forced to improvise.

The weather driving back from Madison was nasty. Not a horrible drive, but required close attention. Claire drove the whole way and we arrived home safely not long after lunch.

During the extended drive home I was able to finish the above mentioned Calorimetry headband for her. I think its absolutely adorable.

I also have a sneak peek at the Hawaiian Twist Socks I started...

More soon! Taking pictures with my phone makes for super easy blogging!

Later Knitters!


Monday, February 18, 2013

On a Dinner Plate?...Really?

Yikes! One week and so much to catch up on! Sheesh!

Claire and I are currently in Madison visiting the Vet Tech program at MATC. Weather permitting, we will be back home tomorrow.

Below are pictures of the Ichigo Tam I finished for my Mom. This is the first Tam I have ever made, thus the first hand knit item I have ever blocked on a dinner plate. It blocked out perfect, go figure.

My Mom was pretty excited about the hat, her surgery, notsomuch.

I only used half the skein of the Perfectly Posh Sport, so I knit a hat for Dee with the rest. Its called Etoile Hat. She loves it.

Dee brought me along to her knit group last night, and I finished the hat there. I enjoyed it very much. I don't have a knit group like that at home so I had a very nice time.

Dee bought me a skein of yarn from Knot Just Knits on a trip to Chicago last June. Yes, I started the socks right away, yes they made me crazy, YES I finally finished them! NO I will never make another pair again.

I bought yarn for two projects this weekend:

For Me: Trinity Scarf in February Dream in Color. I love the deep, dark pinks and tinges of black...

For Claire: Calorimetry in Berroco Flicker.

She picked out a beachy, seafoam color with a sweet little button!

One more project!

Dee bought me ANOTHER yummy skein of yarn this past week. She went to her Madison Knitters Guild meeting and listened to Sharon from Three Irish Girls speak, and bought this skein there.

It is called Hawaii 5-0 in the Finley Fingering base, and is absolutely freaking delicious!

I started a pair of Toasty Twist Socks that I will call Hawaiian Twist Socks. Oh my!

Whew! I know that was a lot, but thanks for visiting!

Later Knitters!


Sunday, February 10, 2013

Rainy/Sleety/Snowy Sunday

Two days in a row? Can you handle this?

I fully intend to finish and block this Ichigo Tam for my Mom today. I take her in for some minor surgery tomorrow and would like her to have something fun to wear when she comes out of anethstesia. It was quick to knit and a very pretty pattern, but I have to say I'm not fond of passing slipped stitches over on such a short circular needle (too many stitches to control on DPNs. It was making ladders on the corners.). It was tight and awkward. I'm wondering if it would look similar if the (Sl1, K2, PSSO) was changed to a (YF K2 YB)...I might try a swatch with my left over yarn.

I cast on the lace edge for my All About Love Shawl. It is a 7 stitch wide, 4 row repeat pattern. After I knit about 140 repeats, I will pick up 225-230 stitches for the regular pattern of the shawl and truly get started. I'm not usually this patient, but I love, love, love how this lacy edging blocks out.

Looks like a dicey weather day here in MN. After a dusting of snow around 4:30 this morning, we now have freezing rain and are looking forward (?) to anywhere from 3-9 inches of snow over the next 24 hours. yipee.

Later knitters!

Saturday, February 9, 2013


Long time, no blog!

I think I found a way to make the whole
"take high quality photos, upload them to my laptop, and blog about them"
a little bit easier. I started taking the photos with my phone. Let me know if you hate it.

I finished this Enamored shawlette for my bestie. It was originally supposed to be a Birthday gift for her July 30th, but I couldn't wait. She has been secretly oggling this Madelinetosh Merino Light in the Lichen colorway for about a year now. I found a onesie online ON SALE (can you imagine? Madelinetosh yarn? ON SALE?) and had no will power to wait casting it on.

 It's perfectly "her". A little dark, a lot soft, with some sparkle added in to make it (and her) Super Special.

I see her next Friday and can't wait until she wraps herself in it, and knows how much I love her!

Next up is a quick pick up at Amazing Threads. D's little Bear lost his Yoda hat, so I grabbed an easily washable yarn for her to make him another. I can't wait to see it.

Lastly, something for me. I've not been into knitting socks with sock yarn lately, but on a trip to 3 Kittens Needle Arts during D's last visit, I couldn't live without taking this yummy skein home. There is no 'Name' for this colorway of Ella Rae Lace Merino, but it was love at first sight. Blues and greens are my downfall. Its almost as bad as chocolate.

After spending an ENOrMOUS amount of time online looking for just the right pattern. I found a version of Sylvia Bo Bilvia's All About Love Shawl that I think will be perfect for me.

And the topper of the day is some family time. It is the Birthday of My Favorite Man. On schedule to celebrate? Pizza, cake, and Gopher Hockey. Just us and the kids, his favorite kind of day. You just gotta love this great Dad!