Sunday, January 19, 2014

Mountain Mittens

This is another skein, or two, that I found at the WI craft market...

These two skins of Mountain Colors worsted weight yarns were SCREAMING mittens as I walked the aisles of the store. 

I knit the smallest size of Susan B Anderson's Waiting for Winter Mittens for myself. Nice & tight, no room for cold air in these puppies. I wear them almost every day.

I've started a med-lg pair for my daughter in a different colorway to match her winter gear. I hope she loves them as much as I do mine. 

That's all I have for now. Three posts in one day...yikes. I'm off to watch the Broncos game and knit!



My Very Own

I bought this skein of Schoeppel Wool Sock at the WI Craft Market while visiting my daughter and extened family for Thanksgiving.

This was my first attempt at just making socks that fit my feet.

I knit them on size 1 circular needles, one at a time. 64 sts, 32 st heel flap, started the toe with 1 1/2 inches to go. Then, when it was time to make the 2nd sock, I was able to fly right through it.

They are in the snick soaking as I type! I can't wait to wear them.



Sweet Socks

I finished these Sweet Socks, by Jenn Nevitt in Cascade Heritage Hand Painted Sock Yarn (Ice Caves colorway) this morning before football started. 

This pattern is a perfect mix of simple socks with a little bit of interest. Meaning I can knit them at a wrestling match without paying too much attention to what my hands are doing.

I knit them on 60 stitches instead of the 64 specified in the pattern. I like my socks a little tighter. It took a little bit of adjustment to center the flat panel and cable on the front side of the sock, but with a few minutes and a notebook, I figured it out.

I love them and will most likely wear them before I block them!



Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Sneak Peek

I'm almost finished with another Aubrey item! 

Knitting for this little lady is SO FUN! The projects are small and work up very quickly. 

I originally bought this sock yarn for a shawlette KAL before Thanksgiving. As knitting sometimes goes, about ten rows into the shawlette, I could tell I would hate it and never wear it.

A few weeks later I saw the pattern for this adorable little sweater, and knew I had the perfect jewel toned yarn to set off Aubrey's olive skin tone. 

The yarn is a little more green-blue to the naked eye. Totally adorable. I made it in the 3-6 month size so she should be able to wear it late winter through spring.



Hexagon Blankie

I've been knitting like a mad woman over the Thanksgiving - Christmas - New Years holidays. (I also squeezed in redecorating two bedrooms in the house, but I'll blog about that later.)

I have no extra time off from work. I'm in accounting, so have very busy-crazy days at work.  Cram in the Holidays, kid home from college, house full of teenagers, all makes me a little anxious and knitting is how I deal with the stress.

We have a new addition to our extended family. Baby Aubrey is a healthy, ten-fingered, ten-toed, BEAUTY, and we love her to pieces!

I crocheted a Hexagon blanket for her November Birth Day. Cotton yarn, simple pattern, very fun to make. 

Her mom (our niece) loves it, and I think Aubrey does too.

I have many more things to blog about. Stay tuned.