Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Hospitals, Socks & a Shop Update!


My apologies for going missing for a few weeks.

My Mom had her right hip replaced on March 29th. The surgery itself went very well. Her TCU plan did not. I spent 3 days with her at her home after she was released from the hospital, and have either visited or taken her to PT every other day since.

Did I mention she lives 45 miles away?

Its been a rough few weeks. We'll both be fine, but it will be a long haul. She has three weeks of PT left before she heads back to work.

Fingers crossed!


I found an absolutely LOVELY yarn shop right around the corner from the hospital, Linden Yarn & Textiles.

The staff is very friendly and welcoming. I was allowed to walk around, touch anything I wanted, without anyone trying to hold my hand. 

Even though I dye most of my own yarn, I still purchase a ton of it from other sources. I dissect every skein. (These pictures aren't fantastic. I took them on my Mom's hospital bed.)

I'm absoluteley fascinated with how a hand painted skein like this comes out in a project!

The color doesn't create any pattern, and one end of the skein was darker than the other.

The weather turned cold, wet, and chilly here yesterday. I wore these last night & even slept in them! Cozy toes!

This second pair is on my own hand dyed. This is a skein that I chose not to sell because it had a white spot in it where no dye etched.

I'm almost finished with the second sock and I still can't find the "bald spot".

To many knitters, stitch markers often make the project 'that much more fun'. My very good friend, Dee, made these for me. I'm a HUGE Wizard Of Oz fan. She made me an entire set of WOO themed stitch markers for Christmas. What you see here are Dorothy and the Hot Air Balloon. She's the Best!

My third pair of socks is in a skein of Three Irish Girls in the Malibu colorway that I purchased at The Wisconsin Craft Market in Madison, WI.

I LOVE how the colors flashed here at the gusset. The rest of the sock...Meh. I like how it stripes a bit, but I don't like the 'blue dot' in the middle.

My standard sock is 60 sts on size US1 needles but I wanted these to be a little lighter for Spring/Summer. What I came up with is a 56st sock on US2 needle and they're perfect! Very light & airy. I'm very pleased.


I haven't dyed in quite a while and the itch was getting pretty bad.

Diving in to this Indie Dyer scene is a little scary. I spent the winter experimenting with possible bases and found a domestic distributor that I'm very happy with. Their wool sources are very reputable with a focus on small farms and a co-op type community.

There are three new bases in the shop (that I haven't 'named' just yet). Etsy link button is top/right.

Two tweeds in Mountain Stream and Sidewalk Chalk.

Three hand painted/variegated in 75/25. Colorways are Lava Flow, Pretty Bird, and Coral Reef.

Three One of a Kind skeins that I have NO IDEA how to duplicate. Also 75/25 skeins in Thistle Grey, Indigo Velvet, and Punked Parrot. These were experiments with metalized dyes, acid levels, set times, AND SPECKLES!

The last four are 75/20 with 5% Stellina in Morning Wildflowers, Cool Waters, Atomic Tulips, and Fairy Sunset.

If any of these are out of stock and you are interested please feel free to let me know. With the exception of the three OOAK skeins, all of these colorways are repeatable.

OR, if you would prefer the colorway in a self-striping...we can talk. It's definitely do-able I just don't have any skeins warped for self-striping at this time.

Sheesh this was a long post! Thanks for toughing it out with me. It feels good to be back!

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  1. Your yarns are so beautiful, Melissa! I am going to check out your shop. And I love all of your very colorful socks. What a blessings to find a yarn shop near the hospital.

  2. I love your socks! And your beautiful yarns. Gorgeous colors!

  3. I love the colors in the socks! SO pretty! I hope your mom is on the mend. It is never fun when a family member is going through any sort of health issue.

    1. The PT clinic had my Mom on a stationery bike yesterday. YIKES! She hasn't been on a bike in ...forever! Thanks Heather for visiting with me!

  4. Your yarn is so lovely - especially Mountain Stream! I have favorited your shop for my next yarn purchase opportunity!

    1. Thanks SO MUCH Laura! I look forward to it!

  5. Wow love all your socks and the yarns are gorgeous *swoon*

  6. I love your yarn, and your socks, and YOU! Oh and I love those three Latinos too! :-)

  7. Awesome! I love the colors (and the blue dot!)